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    New Courses Starting Oct 19 2016


  • Player Centric Development


    In addition to the well established U8-U16 boys program, RVDL is looking for dedicated U08-U16 female players. 

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    Boys and Girls 6-16 yrs



  • Rapid Player Development

    Pre-Academy Program 2x per week Skills Development 6-8 and 9-11 years

    Next 7 week program starts November 9 2016



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    2016 RVDL U12 UK Pro Club Tour

Soccer School

Soccer School Program  Individual Player Development

Since its inception in late 2009, the RVDL Soccer Academy strives to be at the forefront of soccer development in Canada.   Having developed our own strategy for Long Term Player Development early on, it was easy for us to embrace and move forward with the LTPD of the CSA and OSA as it is inline with the same goals and objectives of our Academy.

Utilizing high level playing experience with high levels of coaching qualifications and coaching experience, the Academy Staff have been able to create and continue to deliver a high quality player development program. The key emphasis of our program is on players acquiring detailed technical competence, creativity and instinctive playing habits, which builds confidence with the ball, develops good playing habits and develops the ability to make confident quick decisions.

RVDL's progressive age specific curriculum with a strong emphasis on technical skills, incorporates a distinctive “Play from the Back, Attacking, Total Football Style”. The Player Centric positive learning environment allows each player to develop into a creative confident player who can ultimately provide positive support to their team in any competitive game situation. Our program is a systematic approach that continually builds on the layers before it.  Having a system to develop and monitor habits along with building technical skills coupled with the desire to improve, ultimately creates technical competence, ball confidence and superior decision making, this is what makes a great player.  Whether you enroll in one of our highly detailed Soccer School programs or work towards the high standards of skill and commitment neccessary for our Academy teams every player will benefit from being exposed to The RVDL WAY.


Current Soccer School courses


Pre-Academy Development

Our Pre-Academy Development program for 6-8, 9-11 and 12+ year old players, is a 2 or 3 times per week program. Also, coached by our professional Academy coaches who provide the necessary environment for players wishing to take their soccer to the next level but have not had the quality of coaching previously to get them there or for players that are not yet ready to make the big commitment needed for our Academy Program.



U8 to U20 Academy

We currently field co-ed Academy teams ranging from U8 to U14. This 3-5 times a week Individual Player Development Academy program provides the Academy player with the very best coaching environment Canada has to offer.  Building from the bottom up, our goal is to field teams up to the U20 age groups.  Also working towards dedicated girls teams in the U12, U14, U16 and U20 age groups.

From the UK playing and coaching experience our coaches inject into the detailed multi-layered training program delivered, utilizing the very latest training techniques and methodology, you can be sure the opportunities for improvements in the player will be significant.  Our program has already produced a significant number of players that have progressed towards their desired goals, including some that have moved to professional club academies like Toronto FC and Chelsea FC in the UK to name a few.

All of our Academy players continue to progress very well during this past season with many players showing marked improvement. The hard work training, during the Winter months and continuing on through the spring and summer is put to the test during our SAAC Player Development League play.

It is our mission to deliver high intensity multifaceted sessions that include a lot of detailed technical coaching in an environment where all players are challenged at their ability level and where they experience how much fun soccer training can be. All players are encouraged to develop good playing habits. During our program the players work on all technical aspects of the game. This includes passing, receiving, dribbling, skills, defending, finishing, all progressing from 1v1 to 2v2 up to 6v6. These high intensity sessions also include soccer related fitness while utilizing the ball at their feet almost all the time.

Programing includes age appropriate training and skills development following our Development Model and annual curriculum. Other specialty programs include: Yoga program, Speed Agility Quickness program, Strength and Conditioning program including an optional personalized program for continued development at home, Tactical classroom sessions during the winter months and fitness and skills testing to monitor training effectiveness. Most games are played in the SAAC Player Development League and various tournaments including trips to the USA and Europe. We will be working closely with players to provide them the necessary tools to help reach their long term goals whether to play professionally or pursue a soccer scholarship.

We have on-going tryout assessments available.

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