The RVDL Academy Way

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The RVDL Soccer Academy was founded in 2009 as an organization providing professional best in class soccer training and development for young individuals and teams to excel and reach their full potential.  Based in Oakville, Ontario, Canada and serving the soccer community in the West Greater Toronto Area.

While providing a positive, no fear of making mistakes, healthy and progressive environment, RVDL Academy delivers top level training and development of each individual utilizing our 6 faceted development model; mental, social, tactical, technical, physical and competition; producing confident players that maximize their full potential. Utilizing existing and continually developing contacts, RVDL aquires best practice and provides pathways for players to progress. RVDL Academy emphasizes the values of hard work, mental preparation, character and integrity on and off the field, while promoting a healthy life long passion for the game.

Our Guiding Principles




         Love of the Game

Our Aim

To unlock a players full potential and provide opportunities and pathways for players into the provincial, national or professional game in North America or the UK and the rest of Europe as well as the pursuit of Scholarship opportunities .

 The most talented players, provided they have achieved the appropriate development level, will have a realistic chance to get scouted by professional clubs in the UK and Europe where we have personal and professional contacts.  We are continually building our network of coaches and college contacts in the US and Canada, to showcase our players, when they are at the appropriate age and level to be looked at by scouts.