Michael Scholz co-founder


It was the Vision of Michael to create a Best in Class Soccer program, second to none for Player Development in Canada when he enlisted the assistance of Robin to get RVDL off the ground.  Born in Germany and playing in the park each summer while there, sparked the fire for the love of the game. As a father of 4 boys, 3 of which played Rep soccer, Michael was actively involved with the soccer community since 1997.  Former roles included Team manager, assistant coach and Head Coach CSL Elite.  These various roles gave him the insight to the club rep system. Prior and in addition to his volunteer roles in the soccer community Michael also held various volunteer committee, board and executive positions within the local community including 10 years as President of the local Lakeview Ratepayers Association and 10 years on the Board of Directors of the Mississauga Arts Council.  Michael currently sits on the Board of Directors of SAAC. 

As President of Image Force a Graphic Design and Marketing Company and being an avid Manchester United fan, Michael was keen to get involved with ManU when he learned that they had come to Canada.  It was Michael's vision to create and be able to provide a program that was second to none in Canada in an effort to make a change at the national and International level when it came to developing players.  Michael, is involved full time with RVDL Soccer Academy and utilizing his business, marketing and creative problem solving skills in conjunction with his soccer awareness and community leadership skills, together with the RVDL coaching staff have forged an alliance and skill set that can only reap huge rewards for the Soccer Community in Canada.  With Co-founder Robin's return to the UK, Michael has had a more active role ensuring the program that he and Robin along with staff created, continues to be delivered so all players will continue to benefit.  Working with contacts in the UK and Europe will continue to provide great benefits for RVDL players here in Canada.