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About The RVDL Soccer Academy

Message from our Academy Director and Founder Michael Scholz

Since its inception in late 2009, the RVDL Soccer Academy strives to be at the forefront of soccer development in Canada.   Having developed our own strategy for Long Term Player Development early on, it was easy for us to embrace and move forward with the LTPD of the CSA and OSA as it is inline with the same goals and objectives of our Academy.

Utilizing high level playing experience with high levels of coaching qualifications and coaching experience, the Academy Staff have been able to create and continue to deliver a high quality player development program. The key emphasis of our program is on players acquiring detailed technical competence, creativity and instinctive playing habits, which builds confidence with the ball, develops good playing habits and develops the ability to make confident quick decisions.

RVDL's progressive age specific curriculum with a strong emphasis on technical skills, incorporates a distinctive “Play from the Back, Attacking, Total Football Style”. The Player Centric positive learning environment allows each player to develop into a creative confident player who can ultimately provide positive support to their team in any competitive game situation. Our program is a systematic approach that continually builds on the layers before it.  Having a system to develop and monitor habits along with building technical skills coupled with the desire to improve, ultimately creates technical competence, ball confidence and superior decision making, this is what makes a great player.  Whether you enroll in one of our highly detailed Soccer School programs or work towards the high standards of skill and commitment neccessary for our Academy teams every player will benefit from being exposed to The RVDL WAY.

The RVDL Soccer Academy with OSA ORNCA status enjoys full academy status as a member of Soccer Academy Alliance Canada (SAAC). Continuing to build from the lower ages on up, RVDL currently fields academy teams with both boys and girls from U8 to U14 age groups, with an ultimate goal of having teams up to U20.

In addition to the 3 to 5 times per week Academy program, RVDL also delivers the 2 to 3 times per week Pre-Academy, training groups of players not quite at the academy level or for those that are not able to commit the time required for our Academy teams but still want superior training and development.  RVDL Academy also offers our supplemental once per week Soccer School programs during the Fall, Winter and Spring seasons as well as week long March Break and Summer Camps where players are exposed to our highly successful development program delivered by our professional academy coaches.  RVDL is an Oakville based academy with programs running in Oakville and Mississauga.

Moving forward, we plan to continue to develop and implement best practices, that will help this organization and ultimately the players on their path to achieving their goals.  RVDL continues to work diligently behind the scenes to effect positive change at the provincial and national levels.  We continue to forge alliances and networking opportunities with North American contacts, UK Pro Clubs as well as other European and Global contacts to exchange best practices and ideas with them.  This will also solidify pathway opportunites for players as they progress within our system.

RVDL continues to develop and implement both our coach and parent education program as well as implementing our player scholarship strategy for players as they move towards their senior years with us.

We also continue to evaluate and implement our technology strategy including outfitting coaches with Ipads, utilizing Apps for a variety of applications such as: session planning, attendance monitoring, speed agility test result monitoring and video feedback for players.

Our Academy looks forward to the evolution of soccer here in Canada as all stakeholders become involved and work together for the betterment of the game.

 Best regards

Michael Scholz


"Preparing Youth for Life through Sports"