• What payment options are there?

      All of our programs require online registration.  Payment options are provided via the registration page.  Soccer School and Summer Camps payments are made by Credit Card payments online directly when registering.  Academy and Pre-Academy payments can be made online when registering.  Additional payment options for Academy and Pre-Academy include cheques or Interac E-transfer bank transfer.

    Academy and Pre-Academy

    • How do I try-out for the Academy teams

      You can try-out for the Academy teams anytime by expressing your interest and filling out the online Academy consideration form.  CLICK HERE FOR THE LINK

      After your form has been submitted the information will be reviewed by staff and you will be contacted with an invite for next steps.

    • What are the annual fees for the Academy

      Please contact us for up to date Academy Fees.  Contact admin@RVDLsoccer.com or fill out the Academy Assessment Form  LINK TO FORM CLICK HERE

    • How many times a week does the Academy train

      The Academy trains consistently 3 times a week throughout the year.  In addition to the training schedule other sessions are introduced such as tactical classroom sessions, specialty training sessions such as Yoga, SAQ, Hill Training, Strength and Conditioning and nutrition classes.  This is an annual training program based on a 44 week schedule.  Our training program is based on our annual curriculum where we follow the established topic plan covering the topics presented.  Each week has a specific topic with passing and receiving be the focus every other week.  In addition to the training program, teams are entered in the SAAC (Soccer Academy Alliance Canada) Player Development League where RVDL teams play other Academies.

    • Where and when do the Academy teams train

      The Academy is based in Oakville however training venues are located in Oakville and MIssissauga.  Although RVDL Academy is working towards a permanent home, at the present time we utilize municipal and commercial venues which are subject to scheduling availability.  All players once registered will be provided access to the team website for scheduling and locations.  Although we try and keep days and times consistent throughout the year for each team, scheduling time is subject to venue availability and could change from season to season (indoor to outdoor, specifically during spring and fall)

    • Where and when do the Academy teams play games

      The SAAC Player Development League season starts in April and runs until November.  All games are played on weekends typically Saturdays.  No League games are scheduled on Long Weekends.  The season is typically 18-22 league games.  Locations are in and around the GTA with 1 or 2 games in the London Area.  Home games are played in Oakville.  The 2013 season had 12-14 home games.

    • What is SAAC

      SAAC (Soccer Academy Alliance Canada) is an official member of the OSA (Ontario Soccer Association) and thereby governed by the CSA and FIFA.  SAAC is a not-for-profit association for like minded Academies that exist to improve the level of Soccer in Canada by providing a high standards based commitment to programming and methodology delivered by professional coaches.  The SAAC League is Ontario's original Player Development League for all youth ages, dedicated to providing an extension of the Academy program where the prime objective is to provide an environment for players to improve and develop rather then just to win to get promoted or for the status of top of the league.  In its short 10 year history, SAAC as an organization has produced hundreds of players that have gone on to play with national teams, on Scholarships to US and Canadian Universities and Colleges as well as into the Professional game.

    Soccer School and Camps

    • What is the difference between Academy and Soccer School

      The difference between the Soccer School and the Academy is that academy players are part of our teams and play competitive league games in our 12 month program.  They train 3-4 times a week and this includes strength and conditioning, SAQ (speed/agility/quickness) and tactical classroom sessions.  On the field academy players work on individual development and team / tactical game understanding.  The Soccer Schools players are training with us as a supplementary program once or twice a week while they still play and/or train with their club teams as well.  Soccer School players work on individual Player Development where we work on all technical aspects of the game while encouraging many game awareness habits. This includes passing, receiving, dribbling, skills, defending, finishing, all progressing from unopposed to opposed 1v1 to 2v2 up to 6v6. These high intensity multi-layered sessions also include soccer related fitness sessions (SAQ).  Both Academy sessions and soccer school sessions are delivered by the same highly qualified professional coaching staff ensuring consistent quality sessions are provided to all players that are part of the RVDL soccer program.

    • How can I register for the Soccer School or Summer Camps


      You can register for the Soccer School or Summer Camps online by visiting our current courses page to see a list of what courses are currently available (link below).  

      Current Soccer School courses


    • Are there any makeup sessions if we miss training:

      All of our programs are scheduled to maximize value within the available venues so we do not provide make-up sessions for sessions missed.  We will try to accommodate special requests based on circumstances if sessions and space allow.


Tom And Family
5 Stars Rating

I highly recommend RVDL Soccer Academy, my son loves it there and the coaches are great! There is a large emphasis on technical skills and the kids receive a lot of individual attention due to the coach-player ratio. The kids learn so much while having fun!

Mikko S.
5 Stars Rating

My son just joined the academy program for 2017-2018 season. He is already having so much fun practicing and improving his soccer skills. Training sessions are well organized and planned with great coaches emphasizing technical skillset for the players. Good stuff!!!

5 Stars Rating

Our son's been training with RVDL for just under a year now and has developed quite significantly not only technically but also in his confidence on and off the field. This is all thanks to the positive enriching environment that has been created by Coach Steve, Coach Stefan and Team Owner Mike.
Prior to arriving at RVDL, our son had trained with a big team in Oakville - they were well over capacity and our son was frequently told he could stay on the team to train however games weren't an option because he didn't have any game time experience. Read that again. He didn't have game time experience because he wasn't offered any. From our experience in speaking with many parents out of Oakville, this is the reality and the norm.
How will your son/daughter ever develop to build their confidence and flourish in the sport they love under a " stacked team" well over capacity who's sole focus isn't your child's OWN development and growth but the team's winning.
It's just not possible.

RVDL isn't like any other club. They care about our kids, bottom line, and know how to properly train a player at each and every practice with one on one attention.
Remember parents, it's all about development and love of the game : )

Damian J.
5 Stars Rating

This academy has a unique training program that is focused on individual played development. Their regular program and the additional training offered by RVDL in Shooting or Touch Master has helped my kids excel and become competitive Improving the overall game. This academy provides high quality coaches that are licensed, which is important knowing your receiving proper training for your kids. If you're looking to improve your game and like the challenge contact them, they are available for try outs anytime.

Rania E.
5 Stars Rating

Both my sons have been going to RVDL for the past 2 years now and the skills and advancement that i have seen is really amazing.
I like the coaches there they are motivational, close to the kids and firm.
Overall best choice for soccer academy and this is after trying multiple schools and academies here.

Sandra B.
5 Stars Rating

My son has made the switch from local soccer to the RVDL academy. He loves it! The coaches are great. the technical aspect of the game is where we see the difference. He looks forward to practice and always enjoys Learning with his teammates.

Vas R.
5 Stars Rating

We have been with RVDL for several years and can say that the training that kids receive is true European football. Our kids have progressively gotten better every year, which is what truely matters not whether teams win or lose a game. We currently have two of our three kids at RVDL, our eldest moved to the OVDL program at age 13, after being with RVDL for 6 years. He is considered to be strong soccer player on his team. This would not have been possible without RVDL’s coaches and training program.

Dianna D.
5 Stars Rating

Excellent club and coach Steve C. is phenomenal. We have been with RVDL for over 6+ years now and our son has benefitted from the RVDL philosophy and training.

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