Pre-Academy Development

Our Pre-Academy Development program for 6-8, 9-11 and 12+ year old players, is a 2 or 3 times per week program. Also, coached by our professional Academy coaches who provide the necessary environment for players wishing to take their soccer to the next level but have not had the quality of coaching previously to get them there or for players that are not yet ready to make the big commitment needed for our Academy Program.

Through our program this immersive environment will allow the player to rapidly advance their skills preparing them for the next stages of competitive play. This multi-session per week program provides a more intensive environment in order for the player to correct and fine tune the fundamentals and necessary tools to provide the solid foundation to excel as their development and confidence grows, allowing the player to move towards the RVDL Academy program or other competitive level pathways.  Players are monitored by the coaches and will receive an invitation to play in the age appropriate Academy team when the coaches feel the player has achieved the level and confidence necessary to progress to the Academy level and are able to integrate with the established level of that age appropriate team.
We have ongoing tryout assessments available within our Soccer School program.

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