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Programmed Development for U8 to U20 Players

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From the UK playing and coaching experience our coaches inject into the detailed multi-layered training program delivered, utilizing the very latest training techniques and methodology, you can be sure the opportunities for improvements in the player will be significant.  The RVDL Academy Player Development program has already produced a significant number of players that have progressed towards their desired goals, including some that have moved to professional club academies like Toronto FC and Chelsea FC in the UK to name a few.



Our Mission is to develop all players to their full potential and exposing them to learning opportunities and Life Skills to prepare them for Life through the Sport of Soccer.  Utilizing our knowledge, experience and contacts to provide the elite players to the very best soccer learning environment leading to opportunities for Provincial, National and Scholarship opportunities or Professional playing careers.


 Experience Top Training by Internationally Experienced Professional Coaches


Come out to our next Tryout Assessment Day and you too can be on your Pathway to Excellence.

All trialists will be taken through a warm-up, skills training session followed by skills tests and finishing with games. During the days following the assessment day, the coaches will review players notes and within the week will be provided 1 of 3 pathways of development based on their current ability levels presented as well as other traits.  Player talent and skills are not the only items assessed.  Others include focus, effort, determination and listening skills.

1st Pathway- An immediate invite to join the age appropriate Academy Player Development Team.

2nd Pathway- Join our age appropriate Pre-Academy Group in order to provide an accelerated pathway to development and then potentially on to the Academy Teams.

3rd Pathway- Be invited to join one of our Soccer School programs in order to develop the strong foundation necessary to gain confidence and consistency with the ball in order to move to the Pre-Academy for accelerated development.

All 3 pathways are coached by our staff of professional coaches so the player’s progress will be continuously monitored.  Many of our current and past players have progressed through our pathways from Soccer School to Pre-Academy to Academy.

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There is no cost for the Tryout Assessment. You have heard about us, so why not come out and experience the "RVDL WAY" first hand.

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The Success our teams experienced in the Keele Cup in the UK and the numerous Professional Club scouts that commented very positively on our teams performances as well as some individual players, has fueled our vision of creating the very best players and teams, not only in Ontario but in the whole of Canada.   

We are looking for talented and driven players that have the desire to do more to reach their full potential. Players will receive top class training from our highly skilled and Internationally experienced coaching staff. All coaches are mentored and assessed on a continuous basis so we are able to sustain growth while maintaining our Vision by supplying a high quality, detail oriented, consistent program for all our players, whether Soccer School, Pre-academy or Academy.


U8 to U17 Academy Players

We are looking for players ranging from U8 to U17 including a junior and senior girls teams . This 3-5 times a week Academy program provides the Academy player with the very best coaching environment Canada has to offer.  From the detailed multi-layered training program delivered by our staff, utilizing the very latest training techniques and equipment, you can be sure the opportunities for improvements in the player will be significant.

It is our mission to deliver high intensity multifaceted sessions that include a lot of detailed coaching in an environment where all players are challenged at their ability level and where they experience how much fun soccer training can be. All players are encouraged to develop good playing habits. During our program the players work on all technical aspects of the game. This includes passing, receiving, dribbling, skills, defending, finishing, all progressing from 1v1 to 2v2 up to 6v6. These high intensity sessions also include soccer related fitness while utilizing the ball at their feet almost all the time.

Programing includes age appropriate training and skills development following our Development Model. Other specialty programs include: Yoga program, Speed Agility Quickness program, Strength and Conditioning program including a personalized program for continued development at home, Tactical classroom sessions and fitness and skills testing to monitor training effectiveness. Most games are played in the SAAC League and various tournaments including trips to the USA and Europe. We will be working closely with players to provide them the necessary tools to help reach their long term goals whether to play professionally or pursue a soccer scholarship.

If you are not available for our next assessment day or would like to be assessed before the scheduled assessment day, we do have on-going tryouts available.

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