UltimateSHOOTER™ Camp

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Learn To Shoot Like A Pro

Accuracy, Consistency, Power


Scoring goals, for the vast majority of soccer players, is the single most difficult thing to do on a consistent basis. 


Ability Level: Players must able to consistently control and pass the ball at an advanced intermediate level.

Prerequisite: Ideally completion of KickingMaster or approval of an RVDL Coach or playing a high level of competetive play

Purpose: To provide awareness of correct shooting technique, improve accuracy, consistency and power while gaining confidence for working under pressure (games).


Experts often say that good goal scorers have a natural instinct of being in the right place at the right time, this might be true but it doesn’t change the fact that these players still need to have good composure, decision making and most importantly great shooting techniques to find the net without panicking or hesitation.  This is where the RVDL Academy UltimateSHOOTERTM Program can really make a difference.  We provide the players with the tools to simplify the decision making process, receive the ball positively with speed to create shooting opportunities.  Technically we build on the foundations acquired from the KickingMasterTM  Program and continue to reinforce the details and teach the players a large variety of different shooting techniques so the players can manufacture a shot for any given situation in and around the penalty box.

Topics covered during this course are:

  • Shooting with power (the laces).
  • Shooting with curve/bend with the inside and outside of the foot.
  • Side foot finishing, one and two touch.
  • Dipping Volley, Side Volley, Half volley
  • Clever movement to create space for a shot.
  • Positive first touch to create space and angle for a shot.
  • Composure and decision making process (positive and get set for the shot)
  • 2nd ball rebounds


This camp is designed for advanced players who have developed a good foundation of kicking techniques. A helpful Pre-cursor for this camp is participation in one of our KickingMaster programs.  The KickingMaster program provides the advanced player the opportunity to develop a solid foundation of various all round kicking techniques.  Once a consistent advanced level is achieved the player can then register for the RVDL Academy UltimateSHOOTERTM program.  RVDL Academy staff reserves the right to transfer players from this course if the advanced standards are not being met. 


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