RVDL Soccer Academy Summer Camps 2018

Picture of Soccer players attending RVDL Soccer Academy summer camp at Postridge Park in Oakville  



Welcome to the RVDL Summer Camp information page

Dates at a Glance

Last week of Camp

Aug. 20-Aug. 24 ( 5 days ) Garthwood Park Field, East Oakville/West Mississauga Border (403 & Dundas)


July 9-13 ( 5 days ) Mentor College, South East Mississauga (close to Port Credit Go Station)

Aug 7-10 ( 4 days )  Mentor College, South East Mississauga (close to Port Credit Go Station)




Our week long immersive Soccer Summer Camp Program is based on the same Philosophy and Methodology as our successful Academy Program.  This highly successful camp will truly propel the players attending to another level of soccer.  Every player attending past years has shown marked improvement in both the technical side and tactical game understanding providing much more confidence in their game during pressured competive play.  These are not Babysitting camps!

We believe that a soccer player at youth level will develop much better and quicker as a player and as a person if we create a fun, safe, open and active learning environment, where each individual player is challenged at their appropriate ability level and development age. We encourage players to come up with the answers themselves and problem solve during our sessions. The retention of information that is given during our sessions is therefore far greater than if coached in a constant command style.

All RVDL Summer camps are coached by our Internationally experienced RVDL Academy soccer coaches. Our Summer Soccer Camp programs are not babysitting camps but are designed for players that want to improve their skills and confidence while having fun and meeting new friends also interested in soccer. All players attending these camps are immersed in Soccer in a fun learning environment. Utilizing many fun based games, players are introduced to many soccer concepts and skills in a disguised learning way.

Utilizing our philosophy and experiences into a progressive and age specific soccer development program, with dominating 1v1 situations all over the field, progressing this to 2v2, 3v3 and 4v4 is a big part of our PDP (Player Development Program).

Every day of our camp has a specific soccer topic and is incorporated into the program with natural progression in all the following areas:

Warm-up (every player ball each)
Unopposed technical session
Opposed session (incorporate a challenge/competition/game element)
Small sided games

All players should bring plenty of enthusiasm along with lots of water, a couple of snacks and lunch.


Locations at a Glance for Camps

All camps are 9:00am to 4:00pm   except FootFUNdamentals™ are half days AM 9-12
extended hours available, additional charge may apply

Mississauga (South Central, Close to Port Credit Go Station)


Mentor College turf, (Lakeshore and Hurontario 5 mins from Port Credit Go train Station)
Click for Map to 40 Forest Avenue Mississauga L5G 1L1

July 9-13 ( 5 days )

SkillsMaster™   7-12 yrs, $297.00

KickingMaster™ 10-14 yrs, $347.00 (limit to 12 spaces)


Aug 7-10 ( 4 days )

FootFUNdamentals™    5-6 yrs, $197.00 (1/2 day 9am to 12pm)

SkillsMaster™    7-12 yrs, $247.00

KickingMaster™ 10-14 yrs, $297.00 (limit to 12 spaces)



Oakville/Mississauga Border

(403 and Dundas area)

 FINAL WEEK OF 2018 Summer Camp Program

Garthwood Park Soccer Field

3245 Colonial Dr, Mississauga, ON L5L 5G2
(field is behind school, parking on east side of school

Aug 20-July 24 ( 5 day )

SkillsMaster™ Boys and Girls 7-12 yrs (all levels) $297.00

UltimateShooter™ Boys and Girls 10-14 yrs (advanced levels) $347.00 (limit to 12 spaces)



Ability Level: Open to all Boys and Girls 5-6 years old, all ability levels

Duration: 1 Week Monday to Friday 9:00 am to 12:00 pm

Purpose: To introduce proper fundamental movements and habits which will help create the solid foundation to build on.

The FootFUNdamentals™ Camp is an Individual Skills development program, introducing young players to the fundamental movements required to develop as a soccer player. Each individual participates in a fun open and active group learning environment, focusing on daily topics introducing players to passing and receiving, dribbling and proper kicking techniques (No Toes)  (5-6 years)  Group size is limited to 10.


Ability Level: Open to all Boys and Girls 7-12 years old, all ability levels

Duration: 1 Week Monday to Friday 9:00 am to 4:00 pm

Purpose: To provide or correct foundations and consistency which will improve confidence on the field under pressure.

The SkillsMaster™ Camp is an Individual Skills player development program, where each individual participates in a fun open and active group learning environment where the players can express themselves without any fear of making mistakes. All players are grouped by development age and are challenged at their ability level within the group but each are encouraged to push themselves and come out of their comfort zone in order to improve and gain confidence.

These sessions include a lot of multi-faceted detailed coaching in an environment where all players are challenged at their ability level and where they experience how much fun soccer training can be. During our program the players work on all technical aspects of the game. This includes passing, receiving, dribbling, skills, defending, finishing, all progressing from 1v1 to 2v2 up to 6v6. Also includes daily skills challenge to assess the retention of skills acquired.


Ability Level: Open to Boys and Girls 9-12 year old advanced players, playing competitive rep. level or can accurately and consistently pass, receive and control the ball. 

Duration: 1 Week Monday to Friday 9:00 am to 4:00 pm

Purpose: To provide or correct the proper technique and develop accuracy and consistency when kicking the ball.

Every soccer player should aspire to be able to kick the ball consistently, with power and accuracy, whether they are kicking the ball straight with the laces or bending the ball with the inside or outside of the foot. Players should learn to kick the ball 9 or 10 different ways. Unfortunately a lot of players are only capable of kicking the ball 2 or 3 different ways and often without real consistency. This is the direct result of poor/incorrect technique.

Progressing from our SkillsMaster™ program, players will be expected to perform within this session at a higher speed, effort and control with more consistency and really push themselves in order to improve. This course like all our other courses, is a high intensity multi-faceted session that includes a lot of detailed coaching in an environment where all players are challenged while still experiencing how much fun soccer training can be. All players continue to be encouraged to develop good playing habits while pushing themselves out of their comfort zone.

Our KickingMaster Class is designed to correct and improve the kicking technique of every individual that attends our course, by creating a step-by-step approach to breaking down every kicking technique in 5 different stages. This will also help the player to self check their kicks when they are practicing away from the watchful eye of the RVDL Academy Coach. Our KickingMaster Class will create more powerful shots, more accurate passing and more consistency all round. Topics on this course will include short passing, long passing (lofted & driven pass with the laces), bending the ball with the inside and outside of the foot as well as power shooting and volleying. KickingMaster courses are not for beginners. in order for our sessions to have a steady flow, RVDL reserves the right to move players to the SkillsMaster™ class to ensure all players benefit from the appropriate development program. Although many Kicking techniques are incorporated into this class it is not a Shooting Camp. Subject to the level of the group attending, we may introduce some of the topics covered in our UltimateSHOOTER Clinic for the last day of the camp.


Ability Level: Players must be able to consistently control and pass the ball at an advanced intermediate level (Academy or Rep players).

Duration: 2 to 5 day 9:00 am to 4:00 pm July and August

Purpose: As a continuation from KickingMaster utilizing knowledge and proper techniques learned and applying the knowledge to provide correct shooting technique, when and how to create shooting opportunities with composure, improve consistency and gain confidence for games and pressure situations.

Prerequisite: Completion of KickingMaster and/or pre-approval/recommendation of coach

Scoring goals, for the vast majority of soccer players, is the single most difficult thing to do on a consistent basis. Experts often say that good goal scorers have a natural instinct of being in the right place at the right time. This might be true but it doesn’t change the fact that these players still need to have good composure, decision making and most importantly great shooting techniques to find the net without panicking or hesitation.
This is where the RVDL Academy UltimateSHOOTER Clinic can really make a difference. We provide the players with the tools to simplify the decision making process, receive the ball positively with speed to create shooting opportunities. Technically we build on the foundations acquired from the KickingMaster Class and continue to reinforce and teach the players a large variety of different shooting techniques so the players can manufacture a shot for every given situation in and around the penalty box under high pressure.

Topics we cover during this course are:

  • Shooting with power (the laces).
  • Shooting with curve/bend with the inside and outside of the foot.
  • Side foot finishing, one and two touch.
  • Dipping Volley, Side Volley, Half volley
  • Clever movement to create space for a shot.
  • Positive first touch to create space and angle for a shot.
  • Composure and decision making process (positive and get set for the shot)

This course is designed for advanced players who have developed a solid foundation of kicking techniques. Prerequisite for this course is you must have participated in one of our KickingMaster Class courses although this does not guarantee you a place in this clinic. The KickingMaster Class provides the advanced player the opportunity to develop a solid foundation of various all round kicking techniques. Once a consistent advanced level is achieved the player can then register for the RVDL Academy UltimateSHOOTER Clinic. RVDL Academy staff reserves the right to transfer players from this course if the advanced standards are not met.


Tom And Family
5 Stars Rating

I highly recommend RVDL Soccer Academy, my son loves it there and the coaches are great! There is a large emphasis on technical skills and the kids receive a lot of individual attention due to the coach-player ratio. The kids learn so much while having fun!

Mikko S.
5 Stars Rating

My son just joined the academy program for 2017-2018 season. He is already having so much fun practicing and improving his soccer skills. Training sessions are well organized and planned with great coaches emphasizing technical skillset for the players. Good stuff!!!

5 Stars Rating

Our son's been training with RVDL for just under a year now and has developed quite significantly not only technically but also in his confidence on and off the field. This is all thanks to the positive enriching environment that has been created by Coach Steve, Coach Stefan and Team Owner Mike.
Prior to arriving at RVDL, our son had trained with a big team in Oakville - they were well over capacity and our son was frequently told he could stay on the team to train however games weren't an option because he didn't have any game time experience. Read that again. He didn't have game time experience because he wasn't offered any. From our experience in speaking with many parents out of Oakville, this is the reality and the norm.
How will your son/daughter ever develop to build their confidence and flourish in the sport they love under a " stacked team" well over capacity who's sole focus isn't your child's OWN development and growth but the team's winning.
It's just not possible.

RVDL isn't like any other club. They care about our kids, bottom line, and know how to properly train a player at each and every practice with one on one attention.
Remember parents, it's all about development and love of the game : )

Damian J.
5 Stars Rating

This academy has a unique training program that is focused on individual played development. Their regular program and the additional training offered by RVDL in Shooting or Touch Master has helped my kids excel and become competitive Improving the overall game. This academy provides high quality coaches that are licensed, which is important knowing your receiving proper training for your kids. If you're looking to improve your game and like the challenge contact them, they are available for try outs anytime.

Rania E.
5 Stars Rating

Both my sons have been going to RVDL for the past 2 years now and the skills and advancement that i have seen is really amazing.
I like the coaches there they are motivational, close to the kids and firm.
Overall best choice for soccer academy and this is after trying multiple schools and academies here.

Sandra B.
5 Stars Rating

My son has made the switch from local soccer to the RVDL academy. He loves it! The coaches are great. the technical aspect of the game is where we see the difference. He looks forward to practice and always enjoys Learning with his teammates.

Vas R.
5 Stars Rating

We have been with RVDL for several years and can say that the training that kids receive is true European football. Our kids have progressively gotten better every year, which is what truely matters not whether teams win or lose a game. We currently have two of our three kids at RVDL, our eldest moved to the OVDL program at age 13, after being with RVDL for 6 years. He is considered to be strong soccer player on his team. This would not have been possible without RVDL’s coaches and training program.

Dianna D.
5 Stars Rating

Excellent club and coach Steve C. is phenomenal. We have been with RVDL for over 6+ years now and our son has benefitted from the RVDL philosophy and training.

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