RVDL Soccer Academy March Break Camps

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Monday March 12 to Friday March 16 9:00am to 4:00 pm

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By popular demand RVDL will be running our March Break Camp this year starting Monday March 12 to Friday March 16 9:00am to 4:00 pm. Space is limited and will be offered on a first come first serve basis. All sessions will be delivered by our professional internationally experienced Academy coaching staff.

Just like the RVDL summer camps, this fun based March Break soccer camp is open to girls and boys of all ability levels between the ages of 8 and 12. Players will be grouped based of their skill level and development age. RVDL reserves the right to move players within the groups to ensure all players are challenged at the appropriate development level. 

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A typical day of camp: starts with all players with a ball for warm-up, muscle activation. 

Players then work through ball manipulation skills, turns and feints. Each day has a specific soccer topic and topics are incorporated into the program with natural progression in all the following areas:

  • Warm-up (every player with a ball)
  • Unopposed technical session
  • Opposed session
  • Small sided games

All Players should bring plenty of enthusiasm along with lots of water, a couple of snacks and lunch.

We will be playing on short indoor turf so indoor soccer boots or turf shoes are ideal, but running shoes are acceptable (no outdoor cleats).  All players must wear shin pads at all times in order to participate in on field activities.  Soccer shorts or athletic training pants are acceptable.

NEW! GoalMASTER™ Camp  $390.00 (Limited to 8 campers, aged 9 to 16 years)

Cancelled due to low enrollment
Please submit your interest to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you would like a Goalkeeper Camp during the summer or weekly classes during Spring or Fall programming

Interested in taking your shot stopping to the next level?

Learning technical fundamentals and advanced shot stopping techniques to improve your game abilities. Keepers will be taken through warm-up, technical and reaction work in the morning followed on to pairing up with the KickingMaster™ players for both to benefit from the structured program. GoalMaster™ campers are limited to a maximum of 8 to keep the player to coach ratio down for maximum individual player attention to detail.

SkillsMASTER™ Camp  $350.00

Ability Level: Open to all Boys and Girls 8-11 years old playing recreational level

Duration: 1 Week Monday to Friday 9:00 am to 4:00 pm March 12 to 15

Purpose: To provide or correct foundations and consistency which will improve confidence on the field under pressure.

The SkillsMaster™ Camp is an Individual Skills player development program, where each individual participates in a fun open and active group learning environment where the players can express themselves without any fear of making mistakes. All players are grouped by development age and are challenged at their ability level within the group but each are encouraged to push themselves and come out of their comfort zone in order to improve and gain confidence.

These sessions include a lot of multi-faceted detailed coaching in an environment where all players are challenged at their ability level and where they experience how much fun soccer training can be. During our program the players work on all technical aspects of the game. This includes passing, receiving, dribbling, skills, defending, finishing, all progressing from 1v1 to 2v2 up to 3v3 to maximize ball touch and involvement of every player. Also includes daily skills challenge to assess the retention of skills acquired.

Daily topics included:

  • Dribbling Monday
  • Passing Tuesday
  • Control and Receiving Wednesday
  • Defending and 1v1 Thursday
  • Shooting and Finishing Friday





KickingMASTER™ Camp    $390.00

NOT AVAILABLE for March Camp but will be for Summer Camp selection or Spring Weekly sessions

Ability Level: Open to Boys and Girls 9-12 year old advanced players, playing competitive rep. level or can accurately and consistently pass, receive and control the ball. 

Duration: 1 Week Monday to Friday 9:00 am to 4:00 pm March 12 to 16

Purpose: To provide or correct the proper technique and develop accuracy and consistency when kicking the ball.


Every soccer player should aspire to be able to kick the ball consistently, with power and accuracy, whether they are kicking the ball straight with the laces or bending the ball with the inside or outside of the foot. Players should learn to kick the ball 9 or 10 different ways. Unfortunately a lot of players are only capable of kicking the ball 2 or 3 different ways and often without real consistency. This is the direct result of poor/incorrect technique.

Progressing from our SkillsMaster™ program, players will be expected to perform within this session at a higher speed, effort and control with more consistency and really push themselves in order to improve. This course like all our other courses, is a high intensity multi-faceted session that includes a lot of detailed coaching in an environment where all players are challenged while still experiencing how much fun soccer training can be. All players continue to be encouraged to develop good playing habits while pushing themselves out of their comfort zone.

Our KickingMasterTM Class is designed to correct and improve the kicking technique of every individual that attends our course, by creating a step-by-step approach to breaking down every kicking technique in 5 different stages. This will also help the player to self check their kicks when they are practicing away from the watchful eye of the RVDL Academy Coach. Our KickingMasterTM Class will create more powerful shots, more accurate passing and more consistency all round. Topics on this course will include short passing, long passing (lofted & driven pass with the laces), bending the ball with the inside and outside of the foot as well as power shooting and volleying. KickingMasterTM courses are not for beginners. in order for our sessions to have a steady flow, RVDL reserves the right to move players to the SkillsMaster™ class to ensure all players benefit from the appropriate development program. Although many Kicking techniques are incorporated into this class it is not a Shooting Camp. Subject to the level of the group attending, we may introduce some of the topics covered in our UltimateSHOOTER™ Clinic for the last day of the camp.