Jeevan Chang Sang signed by Chelsea

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Jeevan Chang-Sang – Chelsea FC Academy

Jeevan Chang-Sang and his family moved to London, UK in August 2014.  Jeevan's fathers's business expanding into the UK provided the chance for Jeevan to pursue his dream to play football for one of the world’s biggest clubs.  Jeevan has been an RVDL Soccer Academy player since the age of 4 and from this early age he showed the potential to go a long way in football.  With his desire and work ethic as a young player coupled with the RVDL Program and training environment provided the foundation for Jeevan's talent to grow.



Jeevan was always very coachable and these traits have been the major contributing factors to his success and should be an example for any aspiring young soccer player.  His speed and dribbling skills are amongst the best and quickest in Canada for his age and this has impressed many professional clubs in the UK.  Once the decision was made that the entire family was moving to the UK for business reasons, it became our mission to find Jeevan a top UK club suitable for his talents.

This journey started back in early 2013 with the RVDL Soccer Academy's extensive network of contacts in the professional game in the UK, providing opportunities for Jeevan to show off his talents at clubs within their respective Academy team’s environment.   Robin van der Laan & Mike Scholz accompanied Jeevan along with two other RVDL Soccer Academy players to attend trials at Wolverhampton Wanderers FC, Bolton Wanderers FC and Stoke City FC during a March two week tour.  Jeevan immediately impressed the English Premiership club Stoke City FC so much, that they offered Jeevan an academy place after just one session.  This is an incredible achievement as most trial players will get assessed over a 6 week period before they make this kind of decision.  RVDL Soccer Academy also set up a trial with Manchester City FC who were very keen to see Jeevan play, unfortunately Jeevan had to decline the opportunity due to Andrew’s business ultimately setting up in London.  Therefore, we had to redirect our efforts to finding a club in that part of England.  Trials at Tottenham Hotspur FC, QPR FC and Chelsea FC followed with the same feedback and results.  Spurs mentioned that they would take Jeevan but, at that time, they have too many players at his age-group.  Both QPR and Chelsea offered Jeevan an Academy place with Arsenal FC also interested in signing him.  Ultimately, Jeevan decided to sign for Chelsea and had the official in-office signing of the Academy contract on Friday the 19th of September.


- Official contract signing at Chelsea Academy training grounds. At the request of the club we cannot show officials during the signing, but that day Jeevan was told "Be proud today, it's not every day you get to sign with a club like Chelsea. Today is your day son, relish it.”





Jeevan has been terrorizing defenses playing for the RVDL Soccer Academy for years and it is great to see him doing the same in the UK playing for Chelsea FC U10. Jeevan recently scored 2 goals and had 4 assists versus West Ham United.  Over the past few weeks Jeevan has already played games versus Aston Villa, Blackburn Rovers, Cardiff City and with no doubt the highlight so far was scoring the winner in a 2-1 win versus Tottenham Hotspur, the club he tried out for a few months back.  We will obviously keep everyone up to date with regards to Jeevan's ongoing Pathways to the Premiership progress.  We would like to wish him the very best from everyone at the RVDL Soccer Academy. 

It is great to see there are real opportunities for Canadian players in the professional game in Europe.   The quality of players in Europe is very high, but with hard work it is possible for players to pursue their dream of becoming a professional footballer.  If you have the talent, are willing to make sacrifices and display the desire and work ethic that Jeevan has shown over the past few years, there is always a chance this dream can become reality.  One of the most important components to achieving this opportunity is to train frequently in a high quality, professional program like the RVDL Soccer Academy. Programs such as RVDL’s are where talents can be nurtured and guided into becoming an intelligent and complete player.  We look forward to helping other players realize their full potential and preparing them for their future pathways wherever those Pathways lead.