KickingMASTER™ Program


Every soccer player should aspire to be able to kick the ball consistently, with power and accuracy, whether they are kicking the ball straight with the laces or bending the ball with the inside or outside of the foot. Players that are looking to better themselves as players should learn to kick the ball 9 or 10 different ways. Unfortunately a lot of players are only capable of kicking the ball 2 or 3 different ways and often without accuracy or real consistency. This is the direct result of poor/incorrect technique.

Our KickingMaster™ Class is designed to correct in detail the kicking technique of each individual that attends our course. Utilizing a step-by-step approach, breaking down each kicking technique to 5-6 different stages allows the players to self check their kicks when they are practicing away from the watchful eye of the RVDL Academy Coaching staff.   Topics in this course will include short passing, long passing (lofted & driven pass with the laces), bending the ball with the inside and outside of the foot as well as power shooting and volleying.  Our KickingMaster™ Class will create more powerful shots, more accurate passing along with more consistency and confidence all round.

The KickingMaster™ Class is for advanced players who are able to control and pass the ball at an intermediate level in order for our sessions to have a steady flow and progression. If the player is not at this level, please join one of our SkillsMaster™ sessions to develop these skills.

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