NEW TouchMASTERâ„¢ Program

Category: TouchMaster

Aspiring to be like Messi? RVDL's newest program, tested on our Academy players last Winter. This program aims to be a very high intensity all ball work program. The goal for each  session is for each player to get up to 10,000 touches of the ball.

Working with high speed multiple touches increases the synaptic connections in the brain building and improving nerve connections with the feet and rest of the body for improved balance and motion control. This allows the player to build faster reaction time and more confident ball manipulation skills. If the player is truly motivated to put in maximum effort this high intensity program will also improve fitness. Although the winter indoor time period is a great time to work on all levels of technical skills in small tight spaces for more 1 vs 1 confidence this program has maximum benefit anytime of year.  The coach corrected skills and movements taught in this program can continue to be practiced at home to maximize improvement and benefit.

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