Soccer School Program


Soccer School Program  Individual Player Development

RVDL's progressive age specific curriculum with a strong emphasis on technical skills, incorporates a distinctive “Play from the Back, Attacking, Total Football Style”. The Player Centric positive learning environment allows each player to develop into a creative confident player who can ultimately provide positive support to their team in any competitive game situation.

Current Soccer School courses

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SkillsMASTER™ Program


  This course provides the groundwork and foundation for all other learning to occur.  Without a solid grasp of correct technique in the fundamentals, it is difficult to improve or develop any consistency of play.  Allowing improper technique to continue (we have all heard of the 10,000 hours rule), creates fundamental bad habits which are much more difficult to correct at later stages of development. The SkillsMaster™ program is a high intensity multi-faceted session that includes a lot of detailed coaching in an environment where all players are challenged at their ability level and where they experience how much fun soccer training and development can be.

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KickingMASTER™ Program

Every soccer player should aspire to be able to kick the ball consistently, with power and accuracy, whether they are kicking the ball straight with the laces or bending the ball with the inside or outside of the foot. Players that are looking to better themselves as players should learn to kick the ball 9 or 10 different ways. Unfortunately a lot of players are only capable of kicking the ball 2 or 3 different ways and often without real consistency. This is the direct result of poor/incorrect technique.

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Ability Level: Players must able to consistently control and pass the ball at an advanced intermediate level.

Prerequisite: Completion of KickingMaster or approval of an RVDL Coach or playing a high level of competetive play

Purpose: To provide correct shooting technique, improve consistency and gain confidence for games.


Scoring goals, for the vast majority of soccer players, is the single most difficult thing to do on a consistent basis. 


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Our GoalMaster™ sessions provide players interested in this position, an opportunity to learn proper shot stopping techniques, including body shape and positioning.

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