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In contrast to many clubs and academies whose main focus is winning, we believe that your child will develop a winning mindset and excel by creating an environment where each individual player can truly develop to their full potential and have fun while learning about soccer and fitness during their RVDL Academy experience. This environment develops a confident, creative individual who can provide support to their team in any given situation. Every player develops various aspects of the development model at different times and rates, so it is important to keep players challenged and engaged at just the right level to keep them motivated to continue learning while maintaining a passion and life long love for the game.

Our age specific curriculum, especially at the most important years of technical development (6-12) has been created to disguise the learning that players receive while having fun in a no fear of making mistakes environment. This encourages players to continually put the effort in while acquiring new skills in soccer, fitness, nutrition and social skills, while building a life long love of the game. We also introduce many life skills such as decision making, creative thinking, teamwork, leadership, determination, overcoming adversity and many others that boost self confidence, while building a personal skill-set that is transferable throughout their lives. This hopefully creates a positive mindset allowing for a healthy life long lifestyle choice.

For a very few very talented players we have the environment and contacts to propel these players to their full potential where players could receive provincial, national team, University/College scholarship or Professional playing opportunities.

Start you son or daughter on the real Path of Development with RVDL. 

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Assessment Days for 2018

Ready To Take Your Game To The Next Level


RVDL is inviting girls and boys that are interested and committed to taking their soccer

development to the next level and beyond to join our program.



• International Experienced Professional Coaches

• Top Provincial SAAC Player Development League

• Annual Age Specific Curriculum

• Systematic Player Centric Approach to Player Development

• No Fear of Making Mistakes Fun Active Learning Environment

• An Attacking "Play from the Back" Style

• Highly regarded Technical Program

• High Performance Pathways

• Recognized Proven Player Success

• International Experiences


Register for Ongoing Tryout Assessments



Please register below and we will contact you with an invite to attend a training session with dates and location for player assessment.






What to wear and what to bring:

Depending on location, Indoor soccer shoes or Turf shoes are ideal

Shin guards are mandatory

Bring water but leave soccer balls at home.

All other equipment will be provided.

Also bring a nutritious snack for after the session like a banana or other fruit.



Derby County FC Coach to Attend RVDL Oakville Camp July 4 to 7 2017

Pro Club Derby County FC Academy Coach to attend RVDL Camp

RVDL is extremely proud to announce Lewis Bourne, Derby County FC Academy Coach will be returning for the July 4 to 7 KickingMaster™ / UltimateShooter™ Camp at West Oak Trails Park in Oakville.

Derby County FC Coach Lewis Bourne

Please join Lewis at our week long camp at West Oak Trails in Oakville as he monitors player progress learning new skills and improving existing ones.

Lewis has mentioned he will be presenting some New Shooting sessions created for the Derby County FC first team.

To register follow the link below:



2015 2nd Annual RVDL Santa Soccer Charity Challenge

The 2015 2nd Annual RVDL Santa Soccer 3V3 Charity Challenge 

The 2015 second annual RVDL Santa Soccer Charity 3V3 Challenge once again supporting ErinoakKids Centre for Treatment and Development, was another great hit on Dec 22 at Canlan Sportsplex in Mississauga.  Players of all abilities attended with boys and girls, ages 7-14 being represented.  All players enjoyed either the 3 hour long morning or afternoon sessions comprising of a technical warm-up with the ball, followed by a couple of technical skills session, progressing to a 1V1 Challenge and finally finishing with the 3V3 Challenge.  Players were put through their paces and worked very hard during the challenge.  It was great to see so many young soccer players with smiles on their faces.

Read more: 2015 2nd Annual RVDL Santa Soccer Charity Challenge

Jeevan Chang Sang signed by Chelsea

Jeevan Chang-Sang – Chelsea FC Academy

Jeevan Chang-Sang and his family moved to London, UK in August 2014.  Jeevan's fathers's business expanding into the UK provided the chance for Jeevan to pursue his dream to play football for one of the world’s biggest clubs.  Jeevan has been an RVDL Soccer Academy player since the age of 4 and from this early age he showed the potential to go a long way in football.  With his desire and work ethic as a young player coupled with the RVDL Program and training environment provided the foundation for Jeevan's talent to grow.

Read more: Jeevan Chang Sang signed by Chelsea

Matthew R signed by Toronto FC Academy

Matthew Rogers – Toronto FC Academy U11–2016 

RVDL Player Matthew R


Matthew came to RVDL early in the 2015 season and immediately impressed the coaching staff. Not only did he display an exceptional work rate, lightning fast speed and good technical skills, his focus and coach-ability were extremely strong. Such was the potential he showed early in his time with RVDL, it was quickly decided that Matthew should play and train with the age group above his own to ensure his development was challenged and would flourish.

Read more: Matthew R signed by Toronto FC Academy

3 RVDL Players signed by Toronto FC Academy

RVDL Soccer Academy players join Toronto FC U10 Academy squad

RVDL is extremely proud to announce 3 more players from RVDL have signed on with Toronto FC Academy to join their U10 Team.

former RVDL Academy players Philip Matthew and Noah

It is a pleasure to view the RVDL Player Pathway in action and see the results of our individual player development program providing the pathways that allow players to move on to Pro Academy Teams in Canada and Europe. For a few very talented players this is the goal of our player-focused program.

Read more: 3 RVDL Players signed by Toronto FC Academy



Tom And Family
5 Stars Rating

I highly recommend RVDL Soccer Academy, my son loves it there and the coaches are great! There is a large emphasis on technical skills and the kids receive a lot of individual attention due to the coach-player ratio. The kids learn so much while having fun!

Mikko S.
5 Stars Rating

My son just joined the academy program for 2017-2018 season. He is already having so much fun practicing and improving his soccer skills. Training sessions are well organized and planned with great coaches emphasizing technical skillset for the players. Good stuff!!!

5 Stars Rating

Our son's been training with RVDL for just under a year now and has developed quite significantly not only technically but also in his confidence on and off the field. This is all thanks to the positive enriching environment that has been created by Coach Steve, Coach Stefan and Team Owner Mike.
Prior to arriving at RVDL, our son had trained with a big team in Oakville - they were well over capacity and our son was frequently told he could stay on the team to train however games weren't an option because he didn't have any game time experience. Read that again. He didn't have game time experience because he wasn't offered any. From our experience in speaking with many parents out of Oakville, this is the reality and the norm.
How will your son/daughter ever develop to build their confidence and flourish in the sport they love under a " stacked team" well over capacity who's sole focus isn't your child's OWN development and growth but the team's winning.
It's just not possible.

RVDL isn't like any other club. They care about our kids, bottom line, and know how to properly train a player at each and every practice with one on one attention.
Remember parents, it's all about development and love of the game : )

Damian J.
5 Stars Rating

This academy has a unique training program that is focused on individual played development. Their regular program and the additional training offered by RVDL in Shooting or Touch Master has helped my kids excel and become competitive Improving the overall game. This academy provides high quality coaches that are licensed, which is important knowing your receiving proper training for your kids. If you're looking to improve your game and like the challenge contact them, they are available for try outs anytime.

Rania E.
5 Stars Rating

Both my sons have been going to RVDL for the past 2 years now and the skills and advancement that i have seen is really amazing.
I like the coaches there they are motivational, close to the kids and firm.
Overall best choice for soccer academy and this is after trying multiple schools and academies here.

Sandra B.
5 Stars Rating

My son has made the switch from local soccer to the RVDL academy. He loves it! The coaches are great. the technical aspect of the game is where we see the difference. He looks forward to practice and always enjoys Learning with his teammates.

Vas R.
5 Stars Rating

We have been with RVDL for several years and can say that the training that kids receive is true European football. Our kids have progressively gotten better every year, which is what truely matters not whether teams win or lose a game. We currently have two of our three kids at RVDL, our eldest moved to the OVDL program at age 13, after being with RVDL for 6 years. He is considered to be strong soccer player on his team. This would not have been possible without RVDL’s coaches and training program.

Dianna D.
5 Stars Rating

Excellent club and coach Steve C. is phenomenal. We have been with RVDL for over 6+ years now and our son has benefitted from the RVDL philosophy and training.

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