Our Beliefs

Looking for Somewhere with a different Philosophy

In contrast to most clubs and academies whose primary focus is winning teams, we believe that players will excel by creating an environment where each individual player can truly develop to their full potential and have fun while learning about soccer and fitness during their RVDL Academy experience. This environment develops a confident, creative individual who can provide support to their team in any given situation. Every player develops various aspects of the development model at different times and rates, so it is important to keep players challenged and engaged at just the right level to keep them motivated to continue learning while maintaining a passion and life long love for the game.

Our age specific curriculum, especially at the younger years of development (6-12) has been developed to disguise the learning that players receive while having fun in a no fear of making mistakes environment. This encourages players to continually put the effort in while acquiring new skills in soccer, fitness, nutrition and social skills while building a life long love of the game. We also introduce many life skills such as decision making, creative thinking, teamwork, leadership, determination, overcoming adversity and many others that boost self confidence, while building a personal skill-set that is transferable throughout their lives. This hopefully creates a healthy life long lifestyle choice.

For a very few very talented players we have the environment and contacts to propel these players to their full potential where players could receive provincial, national team, University/College scholarship or Professional playing opportunities.