Matthew R signed by Toronto FC Academy

Matthew Rogers – Toronto FC Academy U11–2016 

RVDL Player Matthew R


Matthew came to RVDL early in the 2015 season and immediately impressed the coaching staff. Not only did he display an exceptional work rate, lightning fast speed and good technical skills, his focus and coach-ability were extremely strong. Such was the potential he showed early in his time with RVDL, it was quickly decided that Matthew should play and train with the age group above his own to ensure his development was challenged and would flourish.


He settled in quickly with his team mates and as he learned to combine his speed with his ball control, he became a real danger to any opposition he faced. His natural ability in front of goal began to shine, scoring some tremendous goals with an effortless ease. When he occasionally played games with and against players his own age, he stood out head and shoulders above the other players on the pitch, dominating games and leading his team from the front.


Matthew's rapid and continued progression in the group, lead him to attend the Toronto FC talent ID camp. After impressing the coaches at the Toronto FC Academy, Matthew was offered a position on the TFC U11 team for the 2016 season. Congratulations Matthew!

Of his time at RVDL Soccer Academy, Matthews father Ethan said, “RVDL was excellent at identifying Matthew’s strengths and ensuring that he played with a group that would both challenge him and help him to improve. RVDL coaches were great to emphasize Matthew’s development of his technical skills as an individual player while allowing the team aspect of the game to flourish .”

tfc U11 tryout

It is great to see there are real opportunities for Canadian players in the professional game.   The quality of players in Europe is very high, but with hard work it is possible for players to pursue their dream of becoming a professional footballer either here in North America in the MLS or overseas.  If you have the talent, are willing to make sacrifices and display the desire and work ethic that Matthew has shown, there is always a chance this dream can be realized.  One of the most important components to achieving this opportunity is to develop the habits and technical foundation at an early age and train frequently in a high quality, professional environment such as the RVDL Soccer Academy.

Programs such as RVDL’s are where talent can be nurtured and guided into becoming intelligent and complete players.  We look forward to helping other players realize their full potential and preparing them for their future wherever those Pathways lead.


All the staff at RVDL wish Matthew all the very best at Toronto FC.  We are confident that if he continues to progress the way we saw him develop at RVDL, he will go on to have a very strong future on the pitch.


Matthew during his invitational tryout at Toronto FC