3 RVDL Players signed by Toronto FC Academy

RVDL Soccer Academy players join Toronto FC U10 Academy squad

RVDL is extremely proud to announce 3 more players from RVDL have signed on with Toronto FC Academy to join their U10 Team.

former RVDL Academy players Philip Matthew and Noah

It is a pleasure to view the RVDL Player Pathway in action and see the results of our individual player development program providing the pathways that allow players to move on to Pro Academy Teams in Canada and Europe. For a few very talented players this is the goal of our player-focused program.


Philip Biondich joined RVDL through our Soccer School program in 2011 at the age of 5. As Philip progressed through the program he joined our pre-academy in 2012. In 2013 Philip was invited to join our full academy program and played for the RVDL U8 team and supported both U8 and U9 in 2014, Philip continued to play for RVDL on our successful and talented U9 team in 2015.

Noah Barna-Zuzic joined our RVDL Soccer School program in 2012. Through training and continued assessment Noah was invited to join our pre-academy program in late 2012. With continued training supplied by our FA and UEFA level professional coaching staff, Noah became a full academy RVDL player on our 2013 U8 RVDL team. Noah continued with the program playing for the U8 and U9 team in 2014 and along with Philip was an integral part to the success of the 2015 U9 squad.

In early 2015, after attending an RVDL assessment, it was determined that Matthew Dovale would be best suited to join the well-established U9 team to continue his development at the correct challenging level. With his keen aptitude for goalkeeping, we identified Matthew as being a great addition to our strong 2015 U9 squad. Although RVDL’s program insists players play and learn multiple field positions, especially at a young age, his desire for shot stopping was clear. In addition to Matthew’s goalkeeper training, he was required to train with the team three times per week to ensure his technical ball control and 1v1 confidence continued to develop.


Rochester Cobras Tournament RVDL U9 Champs

Noah, Matthew and Philip were all members of the very successful RVDL 2015 U9 team that played in the SAAC Player Development league. In addition the team represented RVDL at the Rochester Tournament in 2015, bringing home the Championship.

Another RVDL player, Matthew Rogers born 2005, was challenged for the 2015 season, playing a year up with our strong 2004 academy squad. Matthew was also identified earlier by TFC Academy and has joined the U11 TFC squad.  Matthew R signed by Toronto FC Academy

RVDL's progressive curriculum with a strong emphasis on technical skills, incorporates a distinctive “Play from the Back, Attacking, Total Football Style”. The Player Centric positive learning environment allows each player to develop into a creative confident player who can provide positive support to their team in any competitive game situation. Our program is a systematic approach that continually builds on the layers before it.  Having a system to develop and monitor habits along with building technical skills coupled with the desire to improve, ultimately creates ball confidence and superior decision making, this is what makes a great player.

The RVDL Soccer Academy with OSA ORNCA status enjoys full academy status as a member of Soccer Academy Alliance Canada (SAAC), currently fielding teams with both boys and girls from U8 to U14 age groups in addition to the supplemental once per week soccer school programs and summer camps. RVDL is an Oakville based academy with programs running in Oakville and Mississauga.

SAAC (Soccer Academy Alliance Canada) endeavours to provide its members, a unique standards based competitive environment that provides the best possible conditions for player development from the ages of U8 to U20. The purpose of this League is to allow players to showcase their skills and put into practice the training they receive from the professional staff at their member academies.

The SAAC Academy League was developed and has been operating for the past 10 years in all age groups as the first Player Development League in Ontario, an alternative to the top level of the current and past Pyramid of Play. SAAC Academies are driven by the highest provincial standards including highly qualified technical staff where the focus is on players that have the skill and commitment level to participate in high performance programs. The system is player-focused rather than team-focused, the needs and development of the individual player are put above those of the team. In order to field a team in this program, Academies must meet strict requirements and embrace the SAAC development philosophy. Beyond their commitment to field a competitive team, SAAC academies must also produce a player development plan that incorporates the standards that SAAC has set out for coaching, training and physical well-being. SAAC was one of the first organizations that publicly supported and endorsed the Long-Term Player Development Plan issued by the CSA.